Postdoctoral researchers

  • We are always looking for talented and motivated researchers interested to join our group to work on questions of mutual interest : please contact us if you are interested. We are also happy to support funding applications to external organisations from interested and suitable candidates.

PhD students

  • We welcome new PhD students in our group, to work on questions related to empathy, autism, and related phenotypes. The PhD application cycle typically begins in October prior to the year of start of course, and closes in December. (see details here).

  • Please contact us directly with a copy of your CV and a 2-page research statement if you are interested. Please consult the relevant university webpage and external organisations for other potential sources of funding.

Volunteer Research Assistants/ Interns

  • We welcome motivated graduate students to join our group, to work alongside more experienced researchers. We are only able to consider applications from students who are willing to commit six months or more to work in the group. Internship applications from research master's programmes in neuroscience/psychology/related disciplines are especially welcome..

  • We are happy to welcome a very limited number of undergraduate students over vacations, and strongly encourage students to seek funding from the UROP programme, or external organisations.

In all cases, please get in touch with us first for an informal chat by email.